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That escalated quickly!

when cheaters got cheated XD

well use of the style. It's refreshing for me, at least, but I liked overall
excellent job!

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Glad to see it updated from time to time! There where lot's of things didn't see since it's first time!

Played and suported! This is the kind of games people seems to want! good job!
the controls are smoth, the gameplay fun, and the action it's not just button smashing, gotta think what you do! I love it!
good enough to register myself in indiegogo! now that's how you promote a game!

Well, I can say it´s very rare that a Mario game formula it's better executed by it's fans but, you did it! that auto run feature is cool! I no longer have the "dash button cramp" problem anymore! anyway, for the game itself, Well I was waiting for it and it´s finally here! It's definitively better than the one before it, refined game-play, well, it´s just sweet for my book, so 5 stars from me.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. That's some of best praise I can receive. Good to hear someone mention the auto run mechanic too.

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a relaxing remix! this is a good change of peace for me!

MiguelVolkov responds:

I tried something new this time, I'm glad you enjoyed this :D

OH this one has more like a pre final boss stage feeling, you know, the bosses from the levels before the very final one.

A little to noise at the start but hey! it's still cool!
Happy new 2018 by the way!

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as always, lookin better than the original!

it might be awesome if 3D models where made by just doing those 2D drawings you show us!

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Actually, whenever I do 3D models, I draw a turnaround model sheet similar to this and import it into the 3D program to use as a reference when modeling. So that is already kinda true! :D

"Game Play Comes First -it´s more important to emphasize game play than other elements, like story, special effects, or fidelity to license- " -the 400 Project-

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